BA in the English Language

Graduate Profile

» The student will be able to do publishing tasks.
» The student will be able to translate and interpret texts.
» The student will be able to teach English as a second language professionally

Where Can the Graduate Work?

» In institutions of secondary and higher education.
» In private and public companies that require staff training.
» In publishing companies.
» As private practice translators, interpreters or tutors.

Admission Requirements

» High School degree finished
» To pass the admission exam “CENEVAL”
» English proficiency
» Spanish proficiency


» Academic term: Semester
» Terms: January-June and August-December
» Timetable: 7:00 to 14:00 hrs. Monday to Friday
Some semesters: Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00 hrs.
» Degree length: 9 semesters


» It consists of 62 courses (56 curricular and 6 elective), proofs of attendance at cultural events, carnet cultural, English and social service.

Specialization Fields

» Translation
» Methodology
» The plan is completed by credits; each course equals 3 or 4 credits, with a maxim load of 7 courses per semester of three or four sessions per week, each session 50 minutes length.

Note: Most of the courses are given in English and very few in Spanish


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First Semester

124. Higher Spanish I
133. Topic Discussion
134. Essay Interpretation
135. Learning Techniques
136. General Grammar
138. English Phonetics
137. General Linguistics

Second Semester

224. Higher Spanish II
233. Speech and Debate
334. Computing Science I
235. Short Story interpretation
236. Grammatical Systems
234. Research Methodology
237. English Phonology

Third Semester

127. Spanish Composition
436. History of England
434. Computing Science II
336. English Composition: Organization
231. Morphology
435. Romantic and Victorian Literature

Fourth Semester

227. Applied Composition in Spanish
333. History of the United States
433. English Composition: Style
331. Syntax
431. Semantics
536. Psycholinguistics
335. United States Literature: XIX century

Fifth Semester

537. TEFL: Methods and Techniques
535. Introduction to Translation
533. Novel Analysis
2060.Second Language Acquisition
531. Discourse Analysis
532. Hispano-American Literature of the XX century
534. United States Literature: XX century

Sixth semester

635. TEFL: Planning
636. Translation Techniques
634. Poetry Analysis
631. Sociolinguistics
632. Contemporary Hispano-American Literature
633.English Literature: XX century

Seventh Semester

735. TEFL: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
736. Translation skills
733. Thesis research
731. Contrastive Analysis
734. Stylistics
732. XVIII century English Literature

Eighth Semester

834. TEFL: Material Design
835. Technical and Scientific translation
832. Medieval English Literature
831. Historical Linguistics
833. Origins of English

Ninth Semester

934. Curriculum Design
935. Literary Translation
932. Vocational guidance
931. Elizabethan and Jacobean Literature
933. History of the English Language