BA in History

Program Objective

To train professionals to be able to approach, with a critical and resourceful sense, to the knowledge, recovery and preservation of the history of Chihuahua, Mexico, Latin-American and Universal history. 

The graduate, having different theories and methods of analysis, generates research that allows him through teaching and diffusion to perform in the different fields of historiography to understand and preserve our historical heritage.



Graduate Profile

» Proficiency on methodology of historiographical research
» Ability to offer an interpretation of reality from the specificity of history in a persuasive way and emphasizing its social dimension.
» Creativity at conveying ideas while making scientific reports about historiography and Human and Social sciences.
» Intellectual collection of theoretical-methodological tools to do historiographical research in the different socio-cultural manifestations.
» The graduate is able to perform in the historiographical and teaching fields.
» Openness and ability to respond to the requests about socio-cultural needs of the contemporary society.
» Integral and broad formation that will let the graduate to manage his own working sphere as well as being able to perform in institutions or organizations that require consultancy services in the history area.

Admission Profile

» Motivation for the active and constant search of the truth through suitable and appropriate ways.
» Commitment with culture and comprehensive knowledge
» Openness to other disciplinary fields and culture in general
» Awareness of personal image, in a social sense, before the historical reality in Chihuahua, Mexico and also before the Latin-American and Universal historical reality.
» Reading habit in general, and in particular, humanistic, social, and historical texts.
» Vocation for historiographical research and social and humanistic sciences.
» Awareness of the necessity of keeping on with the development and the formation in general, beyond the University limits.
» Interest to convey the acquired knowledge. 
» Inclination towards social sciences and humanities, especially if related to History.
» To have a wide range of cultural, aesthetic, social and scientific concerns that encourages the student to be updated about what is happening in the world.
» Interest on documental research.
» Attachment to libraries and bookstores and to be acquainted with people who reads or writes.
» To have a receptive attitude towards social difficulties.

Admission Requirements

Birth certificate
» Certificate of secondary education
» To pass the admission exam (CENEVAL)
» Physical examination (Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry)
» Two small size photographs


» Academic term: Semester, terms: January-June and August-December
» Timetable: 16:00 to 21:00 hrs. Monday to Friday
Some semesters: Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00 hrs.
First- time admission: Every January
» Degree length: 9 semesters


» It consists of 45 courses, carnet cultural, a unique English program and social service.


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