BA in Informtion Sciences

Graduate Profile

» The graduate employs ethically the cognitive and methodological bases of information science to any organizational context, not only in document processing but also in the generation of knowledge.  
» The graduate processes all documents’ formats by, categorizing, classifying, and summarizing them.
» The graduate designs, develops and evaluates centers and information services in different modalities to diverse knowledge areas, putting into practice general management bases.
» The graduate develops, through information processing, the structure of several products and documentary and information services which will contribute to training and teaching programs, information dissemination, organizational documentation, institutional and research and development communication programs, through the use of electronic and printed media.
» The graduate contributes to the creation, diffusion, analysis and maintenance of diverse documents, correlating them to their cultural, social, historic, and legal context according to the needs of specific users.

Admission profile

» Intellectual curiosity
» Creativity
» The student must enjoy the use and management of technology.   
» Attitude of service
» Ability to analyze and synthesize
» The student must enjoy order and systematization
» The student must enjoy the administrative processes
» Respect, confidentiality and discretion in his daily processes and information management.


» Academic term: Semester
» Terms: January-June and August-December
» Timetable: 8:00 to 14:00 hrs. Monday to Friday
Some semesters: Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00 hrs.
» Degree length: 9 semesters

Admission Requirements

High school concluded
» To present the admission exam
» Certificate of secondary education 
» Birth certificate
» Two small size photographs

Work Scenery

» Libraries
» Research and teaching centers as a support for the data documentation process.
» Editorials and bookstores
» Video libraries of TV stations

Plan of Studies of the Bachelor’s Degree (click image to enlarge)

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Orientations for the B.A. In Information Science (click image to enlarge)


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