BA in Philosophy

Program Objective

To educate professionals in philosophy capable of proposing and accomplishing projects that aid to the improvement of the contemporary society, based on the application of philosophic competences in order to solve problems.

Graduate Profile

A Bachelor in Philosophy:

» Is an expert in the field of humanities that sees reality, according to his specialty, as the interaction of humanistic, scientific, social, cultural and economic processes.  
» Is a professional on analytic, synthetic and critical thought, of basic competences to solve problems and to provide a significant influence on social difficulties. The graduate is a valuable element at work and at multidisciplinary team tasks of promotion and provision of educational services.
» Has as well a solid foundation of knowledge.
» Confronts difficult situations creatively and enterprisingly. The graduate leads and coordinates with a wide socio-cultural interaction and manages with a participative leadership. 
» Is a professional that takes part of research processes in the fields of education, arts and humanities and is able to communicate efficiently with members of different sectors of society which the graduate manages with an ethical attitude built by basic human values such as: honesty, responsible work, spirit of service, respect for life as well as the concept of democracy and harmonious coexistence.

Where Can the Graduate Work?

» In institutions of secondary and higher education.
» In private and public companies in training, public relations and communication areas.
» Public or private research centers
» Mass media
» Cultural and information centers
» Publishing companies
» Private practice.

Admission Requirements

» Birth certificate
» Certificate of secondary education 
» To pass the admission exam
» Physical examination
» Two small size photographs


Academic term: Semester, terms: January-June, August-December

» Timetable: 14:00 hrs to 21 hrs, Monday to Friday

Some semesters: Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00 hrs.

First- time admission: January-June and August-December.
» Degree length: 9 semesters



The English course is curricular (mandatory) for all students that were admitted since the August-December 2006 term. 


» It consists of 54 courses (44 curricular, 10 elective), carnet cultural, social service and English.

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First Semester

Technology and information management
Society and culture
Seminar on philosophical texts I
Perspective on philosophical problems
English I

Second Semester

University and knowledge
Language and communication
Seminar on philosophical texts II
Theory of knowledge
English II

Third Semester

Philosophical anthropology
Seminar on philosophical texts III
Philosophy of religion
English III

Fourth Semester

Philosophy of technology
Philosophy of science
Seminar on philosophical texts IV
Philosophy of language
Philosophy of information and communication
English IV

Fifth Semester

Philosophy of history
Philosophy of social science
Seminar on philosophical texts V
Political philosophy
Political theory

Sixth Semester

Socio-cultural projects
Philosophy of culture
Seminar on philosophical texts VI
Philosophy and the arts

Seventh Semester

Philosophical hermeneutics
Seminar on philosophical texts VII
Natural Philosophy

Eighth Semester

Philosophy of education
Educational theory
Seminar on philosophical texts VIII
Hispanic-American philosophy

Ninth Semester

Thesis seminar
Teaching practice