On June 2 1963, Dr. Carlos Villamar Tolledo was the Rector of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, when a committee represented by the university teachers and students Professor Federico Ferro Gay, Gaspar Gumaro Orozco, Jesus Saenz, Arturo Rico Bovio and Arturo Vidales, presented a proposal concerning the creation of the School of Philosophy and Letters, which also included Journalism.
On June 20, same year, during a meeting that took place in the Rectory of the University of Chihuahua “the Certificate of Incorporation of the School of Philosophy and Letters” was made known. The School was founded as private autonomous and a provisional council comprised of Oscar Ornelas K., Francisco Pérez Baños, Ernesto Lugo F., José R. Miller H., Professor Federico Ferro Gay and Dr. Manuel Vargas Curiel, promoted its incorporation to the University.
The Faculty’s incorporation was authorized by the H. University Council on July 4th, same year, offering students three new undergraduate degrees: BA in Philosophy, BA in Hispanic literature and BA in Journalism; each one as three year degrees.

On May 29 1967, being the Rector back then Manuel E. Russek, the School of Philosophy and Letters was annexed to the University of Chihuahua, leaving out Journalism, after four years working only as a private incorporated school.
A year after the School’s annexation and under the Rectory of Oscar Ornelas K., it was granted the autonomy to the University becoming then the School part of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACh-Spanish: Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua).

On September 1982, a new undergraduate degree was added: BA in the English Language, beginning with 20 students and acting as the Faculty’s Director, Enrique Pallares Ronquillo.  

On December 1988, the Master’s degree in Academic Teaching, under the authority of the Academic Office, was added to the School of Philosophy and Letters during Enrique Macin Rascon’s administration, raising then the School’s level to that of Faculty.

The Master’s degree changed later on its name to Master in Higher Education. On August 1990 it was opened the BA degree in Information Science, being the Rector Dr. Carlos Ochoa, and the Director, Arturo Rico Bovio.

At the present time, the Faculty offers undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Letters, Hispanic Literature, Information Science, English Language and a Master in Higher Education. The four undergraduate degrees are taken in nine semesters and the Master’s degree is completed by credits.

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