Maestría of Education






General Objective


To train human resources specialized in educational research by building theoretical-practical and methodological tools that support teaching, educational processes, the development of student’s learning and the academic management with scientific rigor and ethical sense, and which will allow them to analyze, interpret and change the educational practice.


Jardín de Epicuro

Admission Profile

The applicants to the Master in Education must fulfill the following characteristics:


» Interest in understanding, interpreting and explaining the inherent phenomena of the educational field.
» Reading and writing skills
» Basic computing knowledge
» Teaching or administrative experience


Admission Requirements


» Graduate admission application
» A bachelor’s degree
» Professional License
» Bachelor’s degree official transcript
» Bachelor’s degree minimum average of 8.0
» Ceneval Test “EXANI III”
» English Language accreditation
» Physical Examination (from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua)
» Two small size photographs
» Recent Birth Certificate
» Updated resume
» 3 recommendation letters
» To present a research draft consistent with the lines of research of the master’s degree.
» Availability to attend from Monday to Friday, from 18:00 to 21:00 hrs.

All documents must be submitted original and 2 letter-size copies.





Graduate Profile

The graduate will be able to:


» Design and make teaching and psychopedagogic projects in the higher education level basing in educational models centered in the learning of professional competences.
» Research in the main representative problematic areas of higher education- regulations, curriculum, teaching, learning, learning resources, infrastructure-relative to the discipline in which the graduate is involved, the academic unit or the institution in which he works.
» Design, make and asses projects that support the learning and development of students through consultancy services, individual or in group, and research and management of processes.
» Design, make projects and academic psychopedagogical programs to lead his institution towards quality.




First Semester


» Participatory research methodology
» Psychological paradigms applied to education
» Psychopedagogical models


Second Semester


» Observational research methodology
» Agents and factors of the educational episodes
» Pyschopedagogical processes
» Thesis seminar I


Third Semester


» Elaboration of questionnaires and measuring scales
» Educational statistics
» Assessment of processes and products of education
» Thesis seminar II


Fourth Semester


» Educational research methodology
» Report composition of educational research
» Thesis work



Dates of Interest


» Submitting Documents: From May 30 to June 10, 2011
» Registration for the Ceneval Test “EXANI III”: From May 3rd to June 25, 2011
» Ceneval Test: July 23, 2011
» Interviews to applicants: From June 13 to 17, 2011
» Publication of results: June 20, 2011


Division of Graduate Studies

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
Graduate Building, Campus I
Phones: (614) 413-54-50 and 413-34-49
Ext. 117, 127 and Fax 230

M.E. Luis Alberto Fierro Ramírez
M.A.R.H. Ana Lilia Rivera Flores
Postgraduate and research department


M.E.S. Argelia Delgado Luján
Master in Higher Education coordinator