Master in Journalism



General Objective

To specialize journalists and communicators in the management of designs and journalistic models, that will allow them to achieve efficiency, ability and systematization to put into practice the profession in order to accomplish the true goals, dedicated to the formation, orientation and culture of the receiver audience as well as generating skills to the teaching and research practice.



Admission Profile

The applicant to the graduate program must have vocation for research and teaching, analytic skills and reading interpretation specialized in the knowledge of the area of communication sciences, also, to have a desire to deepen in the knowledge of this professional field, teamwork aptitude and ethical commitment with the profession. 


Jardín de Epicuro

Admission Requirements


» Graduate admission application
» A bachelor’s degree
» Professional License
» Bachelor’s degree official transcript
» Bachelor’s degree minimum average of 8.0
» Ceneval Test “EXANI III”
» English Language accreditation
» Physical Examination (from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua)
» Two small size photographs
» Recent Birth Certificate
» Updated resume
» 3 recommendation letters
» To present a research draft consistent with the lines of research of the master’s degree.
» Availability to attend from Monday to Friday, from 18:00 to 21:00 hrs.


All documents must be submitted original and 2 letter-size copies.





Graduate Profile

When the Master in Journalism is concluded, the graduate will be able to manage skillfully and very professionally a great amount of knowledge, specific abilities and skills which will let the graduate to do:


» Specialized tasks in teaching and research
» Planning and implementation of journalistic projects in different media, may they be graphic or audiovisual.
» Recollection, systematization and data storage.
» Evaluation of information sources
» Elaboration of reports to several types of organizations.
» Publication of the graduate’s own works
» Research services to diffusion, promotional, electoral politics and/or institutional campaigns.






First Term


» Methodology and research techniques.
» Legal framework of the journalistic practice in Mexico.

» Media communication management.


Second Term


» History of journalism in Mexico.
» Electronic media.
» Statistics applied to communication.


Third Term


» Use of language in media.
» Journalistic editing.
» Communication through digital media/ internet.


Fourth Term


» Journalistic deontology and ethics.
» Qualitative research methods in journalism.
» Didactic strategies applied to the teaching of journalism.


Fifth Term


» Elective.
» Elective.
» Elective.


Sixth Term


» Case study about contemporary journalism.










Lic. Krystal Margarita Paredes Araiza
Coordinator of the Master in Journalism

Graduate building, Campus I
Phones: (614) 413-54-50 and 413-34-49
Ext. 117, 127 y Fax 230