Master of Library and Information Science

General Objective

To train professionals to be able to face the problems of planning, organization, operation, evaluation and management of the resources and informative and knowledge services in library and organizational contexts, especially those linked to the use and management of documentary information in order to make decisions.

Admission Profile

» The intention to put into practice the acquired knowledge, the information or any other activity related to documentary information and knowledge services in the library field.
» English language proficiency, at least in reading and in comprehension of documents.

Jardín de Epicuro

Graduate Profile

The graduate will be able to:


» Employ ethically the cognitive and methodological bases of library and information science to any organizational context, not only in document processing but also in the generation of knowledge as well as the graduate’s contribution to achieve it.    
» Process all documents’ formats by, categorizing, classifying, indexing and summarizing them in a natural and automatic way.
» Design, develop and evaluate centers and information services in different modalities to diverse knowledge areas, putting into practice the general management, the library and information science bases.
» Design storage and documents’ retrieval models in all formats, to and in databases or any other information source and service in a natural and automatic way.  
» Develop, through information processing, the structure of several products and documentary and information services which will contribute to training and teaching programs, information dissemination, organizational documentation, institutional and research and development communication programs, by the use of electronic and printed media.
» Contribute to the creation, diffusion, analysis and maintenance of diverse documents (generating editing processes if necessary) correlating them to their cultural, social, historic, and legal context according to the needs of the users.






Master’s Credits

Courses: 72
Thesis: 24
Total: 96



Lines of Research


» Information and knowledge management
» Analysis and systematization of documentary information
» Models of library science, information and knowledge intervention
» Principles of library and information science
» Library and information centers administration
» Information, society and culture
» Metric studies of information



Admission and Registration Requirements


» To fill out the graduate admission application
» A bachelor’s degree (Certificate of Professional Examination). (Original and two legible letter-size copies)
» Professional License (Original and two legible letter-size copies)
» Bachelor’s degree official transcript (Original and two legible letter-size copies)
» Bachelor’s degree minimum average of 8.0
» Recent Birth Certificate (Original and two legible letter-size copies)
» To pass the Ceneval Test (EXANI III)
» English Language accreditation (Original and two legible letter-size copies)
» Physical Examination (from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua)
» Two recent small size photographs
» Updated resume (Two legible letter-size copies)
» 3 recommendation letters
» To present a research draft consistent with the lines of research of the master’s degree.
» Availability to attend from Monday to Friday, from 18:00 to 21:00 hrs.

All documents must be submitted original and two letter-size copies.





Dates of Interest


» Submitting Documents:  May 30, 2011
» Registration for the Ceneval Test  (online: From May 3rd to June 25, 2011
» Date of the Ceneval Test (EXANI III): July 23, 2011
» Interviews to applicants: From June 13 to 17, 2011. From 18:00 to 20hrs.

» Publication of results: June 20, 2011





M. B. Gabriela Mendoza Guillén
Coordinator of the Master of Library and Information Science.
Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
Autonomous University of Chihuahua
Phone: (614) 413.54.50 ext. 117