Phd in Education Focused on Research


General Objective

To contribute to the improvement of education by training specialized students, capable of making original and high level research, according to international standards. Likewise, to strengthen the research skills about educational matters in Mexico and in particular, in the institutions of higher education and research, by training highly qualified researchers. 

To promote high quality levels in the knowledge and solution of educational problems, through scientific production and the professional performance consistent with the current requirements of education and society.

To make studies and relevant researches to support the political definitions and decisions regarding the improvement of educational quality in the education area aiming toward its development and change.


Jardín de Epicuro


Graduate Profile

The graduate will be able to:


» Approach the national educational problems with a holistic and integral perspective in order to provide with relevant solutions to them.
» Make high quality educational interventions, through the design and direction of educational processes, as well as the development of innovative projects in education.
» Develop high quality and original educational tasks, according to international standards.
» Generate and apply knowledge in the education area aiming toward its development and change.


Characteristics of the PhD


» Focused on research
» Interdisciplinary
» Curriculum focused on the thesis work
» Tutorial
» Interaction in research seminars
» Lines of research defined by tutors
» Aimed at institutional strengthening
» Centered in academic productivity
» Supported by information technology and communication.


Lines of Research


» Processes of educational innovation
» Subjects, processes and products of education
» History and Historiography of education.



Plan of Studies Structure

It consists of two phases:

The mandatory phase consists of six semesters and the following seminars must be accredited:


» Thesis production seminars I, II, III, IV, V and VI.
» Research seminars I, II, III, IV, V and VI
» Complementary activities seminars I, II, III and IV.


The complementary phase consists of an extension of up to two semesters more (Thesis production seminar VII and Thesis production seminar VIII), that support the student to finish the final product (dissertation) requiring the approval of the Tutorial Committee.


The credit value is calculated per semester and each one equals 20 credits. The thesis value is of 30 credits. The total credits of the PhD are 150. 



Admission Requirements


» Two copies of the bachelor’s degree certificate
» Two copies of bachelor’s degree official transcript
» Two copies of the master’s degree certificate
» Two copies of the master’s degree official transcript (minimum average 8.0)
» Two copies of the Birth Certificate
» Acceptance letter (given by the Postgraduate coordination)
» Constancy of English comprehension and translation issued by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.
» Admission application with two recent small size photographs (online format)





Dates of Interest

First Stage:


» From May 2nd to 31, 2011-Reception of applications
» From May 3 to May 30, 2011- Online registration for the Ceneval Test EXANI III.
» From June 6 to 9- Academic Council meeting for document checking
» June 10- Results of the first stage’s selection process.


Second Stage:


» June 13, 10:00 hrs-Test of academic aptitude and methodology
» June 14, 10:00 hrs- English language diagnosis test
» July 23-Ceneval Test EXANI III


Third Stage:


» From June 20 to 24-Interviews with the Academic Council of the PhD
» June 30- Final results.
» From August 1 to 5- Registration.
» August 15- Beginning of semester
» August 19, 10:00 hrs- Beginning of semester meeting.