The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters will continue being part of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua and will lead its actions according to the demands of the social environment. It will include a teaching staff mostly of a postgraduate level and it will collaborate with other national and foreign institutions that deal with common fields.

It will provide academic guides that will allow the community to know about the Faculty’s academic offer. It will strengthen the research culture to the graduate and undergraduate levels and also, it will improve its relation with the productive sector, which will ultimately achieve high student’s completion rates.

The Faculty’s teaching staff will be incorporated to collegiate bodies that will support the creation of new post-graduate degrees which will let them to provide students current knowledge consistent with the regional and national evolutionary project.

Moreover, it will continue developing its substantive functions such as Culture Diffusion and Extension Services. The computer center will provide a better service; it’ll be enlarged and it will acquire the necessary equipment for its correct operation.

To accomplish this vision, the necessary mechanisms that will follow up these actions will have been created. The Faculty will continue providing a skillful administrative staff and it will achieve an infrastructure consistent with its main prospective needs.


“The Faculty’s main objectives are to prepare professionals capable of creating, researching and teaching, this latter, in the middle and higher levels of the field of humanities; moreover to defend, to keep, transmit and renew the culture, diffusing it to the university environment and to society, to shape entirely the students’ personality and to promote the systematic and professional cultivation of the humanists’ vocations.